Freight, Logistics, Clearing and forwarding

Within South Africa, and Cross Border

We provide a road transport service to all parts of South Africa, and to our neighbouring Southern African countries, using preferred and reputable road hauliers.  We have access to at least 50 trucks per day.  


Security and Peace of Mind


All drivers are equipped with either cell phones or two-way radios

Satellite Tracking

To counteract the problem of cargo theft through hijacking, the majority of our vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking systems

Clearing Africa – Forwarding the World

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Covenant Logistics

Covenant Logistics is an independent, South African owned, transport and clearing & forwarding company.

1274 Bluff Road


Durban, 4052

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Phone: +27 31 481 1500 / 083 236 9766